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Tank World - Storage Tanks - stainless steel, mild steel, fibreglass and plastic

Our storage tank range comprises of basic holding tanks, usually flat bottom vessels.  These range from 1000 litres to 100 000 litres.  We have these in stainless steel, mild steel, fiberglass and plastic.  The tank fabrication  material is dependant on the tanks application.  Mild steel for not aggressive products being stored and stainless steel, plastic or fiberglass for products that may be aggressive or corrosive. We also have storage silos suitable for dry powders or grain products.  Availability dependant on stock.

  10 000 Litre Plastic Tanks   7 000 Litre Fibreglass Tanks   20 000 Litre Fibreglass Tank  
  5 000 Litre Plastic Tank      

This site displays examples of what we trade. The stock fluctuates daily. We do undertake to supply pictures and specifications for any item required that we do have available or in stock. Simply send the enquiry and we shall respond with details, specifications and price.

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